Tuesday, October 04, 2011


A few weeks ago we listed each woman drawing near her due date in the prenatal program.  Most of those babies have been born. There are just three left, then we could have a little lull before the next busy streak. Then again, babies and high risk pregnancies are not all that predictable.

Tonight Olina, Esther and Mama E. are all still waiting for their babies.

Olina was admitted to an area hospital late this afternoon.  She was pretty teary and more than a little worried that her situation had become grave enough to need to be transported. Her blood-pressure began to rise midway through her pregnancy and was managed very well for about 8 weeks. Starting last Thursday it did not respond well to medications.  Yesterday it was quite worrisome. Today it was decided that it was too great a risk for us to wait for her to go into labor and too great a risk to induce labor without an operating room and a doctor capable of performing a c-section nearby.

Thankfully the hospital allowed her to enter without being in active labor. We don't know yet what their plan is, we're just grateful she is there.  We are kind of guessing they will skip trying to induce her and go to a c-section, but we'll see. When we hear more we will be sure to pass it along to all those that agreed to pray for Olina and her baby girl Elizabeth; until them please pray for them both.

(Photos of prayers before we left for hospital. Olina's good friend Magarette from the Harbor House prayed for her, as did Cherline.)