Monday, October 24, 2011


Megan survived the four+ days with the Fab Five in Port au Prince.  Paige survived getting Amanda back into the country (and acted as Amanda's arms, and her own arms, ... no small thing). Beth and I and many hams are here now too  - which is nice. I am going to bed early hoping that some babies are born in the night and we'll all get to wake up and rally around 3am.

Thank-You ...
  • Thank you to Morgan and Tony for inviting us to be part of their special day. 
  • Thank you to Joanna T. and her awesome family for putting us in a Westin Hotel where we could not only rest in style but also RESTORE OUR WORLD. Troy took a dozen hot showers in four days and did his part to restore the world. You'll have to thank him later. 
  • Thank you to our extended Heartline family for helping pick up the slack. 
  • Thank you to Megan for being wicked brave and awesome at pinch-hit parenting. 
  • Thank you to Florida for being so full of bacon, electricity, and hot water.  
  • Thank you to the airlines and airports for going easy on us today.
  • Thank you Lord for helping me see materialism for what it is and my tendency to be trapped by it (again). 
Amie shared the anti-climatic and tear free reunion our husbands had last night on her blog ...  Even without bromantic tears, it was still fun to see.

Weekend pics ...

Paige makes us act 16.  We have no other explanation.