Friday, October 14, 2011

life through the lens of lydia

Q. Did you wet your pants?

A. No. I just forgot to pee in the toilet.

Q. Did you hit Phoebe?

A. I only hit her slowly.

Q. Do you want eggs or peanut butter for lunch?

A. No. I am having chocolate.

Q. Did you waste this bottle of soap? Did you dump it out?

A. I not waste it. I play with it.

Us- "Lydie,  PLEASE don't open the gate for strangers!"

A. That not a stranger Mom, that a brown guy.

Statement made by Lydie:  "Phoebe, I don't love you. I only love myself"

Phoebe came to tattle- "Mom, Lydia is eating daddy's guitar! It's in her mouth!" 
Lydia: "No I not eating his kintar now, I spit it out!" 
(They were referring to a guitar pick)

If only we had HALF as many answers as this child.