Sunday, October 23, 2011

two worlds, much love

Little Emmanuel and his Mama continue to wait on the arrival of the new little one.  (Esther continues to wait as well.)  When they were checked on Thursday everyone guessed both big events would happen within 48 hours.  That hour has come and gone, thanks for continued prayers for both women. (photo: Jonna Howard)

We are in Florida this weekend with these two precious hippies. (Actually, to be accurate, Beth is precious. John is a different p-word that ends in eculiar) They married off their only daughter last night.  Troy and Paige did the photography while Dr. Jen and I held things and acted as highly valued assistants.  Troy won't let me have any of his photos, he says the bride gets them first. 
(photo: Helen Hostetler)

On Friday we accomplished more things in one day than we ever accomplish in a week in another unnamed less cooperative place. It was very rejuvinating to have a list of things to do and to conquer 100% of the list in five hours.  Two doctor appts, a stop at the Social Security office, a couple of shopping errands, all in a few hours. Congratulations on being convenient Florida, we salute you.

Our sarcastic friend Megan is with the other kids this weekend. She has been sending photos frequently to prove that she has everything under control.

America's #1 feature: hot water ... and the hot baths hot water can make
America's #2 feature: cars, appliances, electricity -- that ALL work at once. And then, later, they work again.
America's #3 feature: Crispy, delicious, tart, and fresh apples, bacon, and walking/running paths for after the bacon. Going home tomorrow. Having bacon today.