Monday, March 05, 2007

Coming Down

You know that thing where you ramp up, ramp up, ramp up ... then go, go, go, go. I believe we are in the initial stages of coming down. It's like your entire body takes a gigantic sigh. Oh, don't get me wrong, there is clean-up to be done and a couple more team meals to be prepared - but we're in the home stretch. We think we can make it to the finish line.

Just having that convention finished and having gotten through it without totally screwing something up feels like some sort of accomplishment. Remember, we had no clue what we were doing, we were going off of old notes, our employees advice and a little guidance from the USA ... but still, as the most ignorant ones in the bunch it seemed odd to be in charge.

Troy amazes me sometimes, there are things he can do that he used to pretend to be totally incapable of doing. Two years ago he would not know on Friday at 4pm what our plans were for Friday evening, he was incapable of retaining details - as a matter of fact he did not even try. The best example would be when there was a MAJOR event scheduled. For example, the birth of our son (induced labor). He would say, "Hi Hon - so and so wants me to help him move, what are we doing March 5th?" And then I would try really hard not to pop him in the face.

Now he is the guy lecturing our employees about the importance of a plan and of making sure they all look ahead and let him know their needs and ideas in advance of when they'll want things. Of course, it all falls on deaf ears, but I still get a kick out of the role reversal. Troy the master planner. HA!

I apologize if you've emailed and heard nothing back from me. I am behind on correspondence and I promise to catch up by weeks-end. I am not ignoring you, I'm just more sensible about sleep right now and I've been trying to go to bed before 11pm ... the direct result of that is less emails returned and less blogging.

Troy has so many great photos from the convention, we'll try to post them throughout the coming week. I know Britt will come home ready to blog and full of stories of her day too.

Thanks for checking on us,

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-John Milton