Sunday, March 04, 2007

Family Photos

Sorry if you're reading the blog for Haiti-life stories --- this is the all family photo post for Mom and Tina and other family. These are from Troy's camera, our beach day last Monday.
Tomorrow morning Britt is going up to assist a visiting Doc with surgeries, she is very excited. After I drop her off I will be bringing Dad to the airport. He is headed to Tampa for a business meeting. We thought that his 9 day stay would seem long enough - but of course it didn't.
Tonight is the closing night of the Convention. In a few minutes we'll be showing The Passion of the Christ movie on the big screen. It has been a busy weekend -- Troy is getting slap-happy from lack of sleep. He acts really silly and weird when he is over-tired. His impersonations of people get even better --- it is all very entertaining --- right up until he weeps like a small child or gets pneumonia or something. The power went out at 5:30 this morning. I was encouraging him to start the generator fast before the kids woke up from their fans going off. He could not get his bearings, he was acting drunk and disoriented. Eventually he stumbled out and got the power going again for us.
Once the team leaves on Wednesday morning I believe there will be a two-day nap in order.