Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Goat Wrangler

Yesterday Troy left for Port really early, I left on my own in the other truck a couple hours later. We had different places we needed to be. One of the trucks had the tread sheared off the tire. I was supposed to take that one. Troy went into man-mode and could not let me take it, and I was not about to beg for the truck with horrific tires and no air conditioning.

Troy and Arnold went in on a wing and a prayer. Miraculously they made it in and went to a place that had all six tires that they needed for replacing the old ones. If you pay attention to the tires on the road here, you might come to believe that we give up on our tires too soon in the USA. Sometimes a big 18 wheeler will have tires on the back that are so differently worn that it looks like one is not even touching the ground. Vehicles will take much more abuse than we ever knew. We let the big truck tires go to the very last minute, just for the sport of it I guess.

Thank you to LESLIE for taking care of my kids and thank you to SHELLEY for helping me find my way into the heart of Petionville. When Leslie left, Isaac said "Guess what Leslie, maybe when I am on my vacation I will think about you or dream of you." Leslie is forever kind to Isaac, she said "thanks!!!"" I would of said, "QUIT IT with your obsession with your trip buddy. It's not all about you." The last thing he said when I put him to bed, "Two more sleeps after this, right?" I sure hope it turns out to be everything he expects, the build-up has gotten out of hand.

This morning at 4:40am a goat with a megaphone started going crazy. It was trapped in the little sectioned off garden area behind our stairs. It kept taking a running jump to get over the wall and missing, sort of nailing its body into the wall and falling back. Troy got ticked enough to go try and help it out of its misery (and maybe allow for another hour of sleep.) I layed listening to him trying to catch it and to Noah speculating about what in the heck was going on.

Ten long and frustrating minutes later, the goat catch and release program was complete.

Today Troy brings the four people that are here into the airport. I have three girlfriends coming for brunch. I'm making muffins and an eggbake ... it's all sophisticated and fancy and not very Haiti. I can't wait.