Monday, March 05, 2007

Noah Matthew Happy THIRD Birthday!

I know I am not alone in feeling like the years fly by too quickly. Our littlest man is turning three today. He was such a surprise to us when we found out we were pregnant. He is such a surprise to us now with his wacky and fun personality. We're so thankful that God gave us Noah. To read last years post go here. The only part of the story I left out last year was the details of his delivery day.

We had a placenta abruption. Troy and the girls had gone to get a pop in the cafeteria and when they returned they saw me be rushed into an emergency c-section. I kept begging the nurse to let Troy come in and she kept shoving the mask back on my face and lying and saying she would. They later explained that when they need to move that fast and are unsure if they can save the baby they don't usually like an audience.

Noah was resuscitated and needed stitches for a cut in his head where they moved so quickly that they cut too deep through me and cut into the back of his head. My doctor told us it was a matter of a minute or two that made the difference in Noah's survival. Again, we're thankful God gave us Noah.

It is amazing how much he changed this year. Last years photos show a baby. This year we've got a little man on our hands. (Note, Hope handling the birthday of Noah - MUCH better than Noah handled the Birthday of Hope.)