Thursday, March 22, 2007

One More Sleep

We're scrambling to get our list done before we go. Yesterday was fun with friends. Beth, Ruth and an adoptive mom named Jennifer came out for a few hours.
Troy waited for Diesel for 110 minutes last night. They kept telling him "it is coming" and he kept waiting. He finally returned home with diesel for the generator at about 9:30pm. Pastor Rony called him three times to tell him he should come home and try it again in day-light. Troy had dug in by that point and was not leaving until the gas showed up.

I don't have tons to say, but I do have tons to do, so I will direct you two other places today.

This is a missionary/ER Doc/Dad in Kenya who is returning to the States after a few years in Kenya. He has been struggling through leaving Kenya and some of the feelings that stirs up for him. This post was good I thought. And true. God uses people everywhere, you don't have to leave your home country --- you just need to be where He wants you and be willing. As Tim said, there is room for Him to work in very "normal" places and situations too.
My friend Marcia wrote about the BBC article too, only she gives the Amazon link to a really good book written by a former Restevek. If you're interested in the book see her post.