Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Electricity is Nice

Last night the new generator started acting up. Troy spent hours out there working on it. Hopefully it will all be resolved soon. For now we are using the old generator.

All but two people headed to the airport this morning to go back home. The founder of the Lifeline Mission and one other gentleman are staying two more weeks. Troy was taking them grocery shopping to get their bachelor pad all set up.

Today I feel a bit discouraged. Maybe it's the massive piles of laundry, or how naughty Noah is acting, or the rash I have, or just needing a break from this reality. Not sure. I usually get over it quickly though. I am pretending that Troy and I are in a nice hotel, eating good food and resting together and no one is asking us for anything. That is the whiner paragraph - done.

Friday Britt's "friend" Chris is coming, we're happy for her and anxious to get to know him better. In April we'll be meeting his parents and crashing at their place while we look at two Florida college's. Saturday is the start of a two-week Midwife course at Heartline (Beth's Women's program) and I am hoping to attend if everyone around here can fall in line. Sunday we're hosting a birthday party for old, old, John McHoul.

I better go work on washing some sheets. Have a good Wednesday. Here is another Lark News product that we like.