Saturday, March 10, 2007

Random Kid Stuff

  • Isaac, last week before the team arrived: "Is this team going to be white people or brown people?" "You mean they are ALL white?" "Huh."
  • Paige, last night after Troy and I left for a business dinner with the boss: (speaking to Britt and Chris) "Okay, here are the rules. You guys are here to watch the little kids. And I am here to watch you." She then proceeded to shadow them like the secret service all evening.
  • We are coming to realize that our boy Jack-Jack has a real problem with authority. Troy says this should be no mystery to us; the people that put his genetic make-up together. But still. At age 3? Pretty much anyone who tells him to do something, or not do something will get this response: "I'm MAD at you." or, the popular twist on that, "I'm not happy at you."

    This morning he was ticked off that both of his pairs of jeans are dirty. I told him he would be wearing shorts. He didn't like that and he responded poorly. I swatted his behind and told him to go lay down. When I came in to talk to him two minutes later I asked him if I could lay down and talk to him, he said "No, I'm mad."

    I believe there is hope. Within five minutes we usually get an apology. He came into the office a minute ago and said "Sorry I was mean at you Mom." "Will you come lay with me now?" I am not sure how we got to kid number five before we ran into one with some serious rebel in him.

    On a positive note, Jack has really become an amazing exterminator. There are no less than 200 spiders in the house at any given time. If you spot one, just show Noah and he will grab it with his bare hand and crush it dead. He's saving us a lot of money on bug-killer-sprays.

Happy Birthday to Matt and Uncle Rick!