Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yee Haw

We were lazy this morning - went to the prayer rock around 11am, then came back to get ready for the beach and the market. Troy and Paige went to the market. Britt, Chris and Isaac went to the beach. The rest of us stayed home. Mr. I'm not happy at you is taking a marathon nap right now.
Staying home meant we got to be the very first ones to learn some exciting news. We are getting a break soon! I don't know how other people on the mission field do with boundaries and finding a way to have a day off, but we've sort of struggled with it. Even when we say "the mission is closed this Saturday" it never fails that six or eight people show up with needs, real or imagined. There have been some heavy personal things weighing on us and we've found ourselves less patient, less cheery and honestly, struggling with culture fatigue lately. Troy especially is on the burn-out track so the news of a break could not have come at a better time.
My mom and dad are giving us a timeshare week in the D.R. We are SO excited. We're heading east to Puerto Plata for some much needed R & R in just a couple of weeks. :) Yippee!