Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Ahead When You Get To It

Yesterday Troy called John to see if Port au Prince Fellowship (our church) would be getting on board with the USA and springing ahead. John told Troy, "yes" that was the plan. Troy, Britt, Chris, Phoebe, and Hope left for church at 7:30 (the new 7:30) but when they got to church at 9:30 they learned that John had been out-voted and springing ahead does not happen overnight here ... it takes a few days or something. So, Troy called to tell me I had an extra hour before our lunch guests showed up and that he was going to go to the grocery store to kill the hour that everyone was disagreeing about. John really does not wield much power if he can be outvoted that easily. Even on his birthday, powerless. Church finally happened at 10:30 (the new 10:30) and now no one will be out here to the village for lunch until at least the new 2:30pm.

Paige and Isaac and Noah stayed back with me and went to church in Creole here at Lifeline. I am a church-skipper lately. That's what I did today.

Tomorrow 3/4 of the students will show up to school an hour late. By Tuesday we'll all be playing by the same clock. :) Or at least we hope so.

Enjoy your longer afternoon sunlight.