Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Things

Happy Birthday Aunt Char!!!

Current Goings On-
  • Britt is stitching up a lady's head. She got hit by a rock.

Paige is taking a grammar test.

Isaac went to play at Chris and Leslie's house.

Noah and Hope are working on alphabet games.

Phoebe is sleeping.

Troy is on his way to St. Marc to meet with the attorney and get prepared for Monday's appearance in court.

I am feeling sick to my stomach but ignoring it as best I can.

Yesterday, when Troy was in Port with the Founder of the Mission, our boss, the owner of the vehicles we drive, etc, etc. ... he ripped a ladder off of a utility truck. The top of our cage caught it as they were passing and bent it. He spent a long time negotiating his way out of it. They wanted him to replace the ladder. It was one of those super-duper long ones. When Troy went to price them they were all around $800 (US) --- gulp. Eventually Troy called Eddy and asked him for ideas. Eddy knew the guy driving the utility truck and for $160 Troy is repairing the ladder for the guy. When he called to tell me about it, I said "Is Arnold mad?" Troy said, "Arnold are you mad?" Thankfully, Arnold has been around long enough to take Haiti and the eight million little crazy things in stride. He was not mad. Just glad they did not get taken to jail or anything. And glad they did not have to buy an $800 ladder.

It's never boring. Boring sounds pretty good sometimes.