Saturday, March 17, 2007

For the Irish

Happy Birthday SHEY!

There are not a lot of green beers being handed out here today. The Irish population is not so well represented in Haiti.

What is going on today?
Well, Troy has taken Arnold to town to work on the paperwork for a small land deal they got done yesterday. They spent most of the week talking and negotiating with contractors for the new school building that will be built this summer. We've been busy for a month with multiple balls in the air so the count-down to the D.R. family trip is BIG to us right now.

Last night Troy fell asleep during 24. That is some sort of cardinal sin. It also proves the guy needs more sleep. (Warning, Season Five spoiler) It was the episode where the gas is released inside of CTU and Edgar dies. Troy slept through that! That's just wrong. We're proud to have created a cult following of 24 here in Haiti. We're to the point where we are taking reservations for the seasons because missionaries in Haiti all love Jack Bauer. Yes, yes, we might be five years behind the rest of the world but we are all dedicated to catching up.

Troy and I were looking at the other night. (Troy will not be happy I have told you this.) We were amazed at how many of the "stars" are people we've never seen or heard of ... not that we're sad about that, we couldn't care less - but it is interesting how fast it turns over.

We'll do our best to keep the blog updated next week - we've got a lot to wrap up before Arnold leaves on Wednesday and before we take off on Friday. Hopefully there will be some time for blog updates too.

We've made it a point not to do fundraising on our blog. And that policy is still in effect. But this request is a little different. We're not asking you to open your wallets. We're networking.

In an effort to help Lifeline grow and meet the changing needs of the ministry we have two things we want to toss out for your consideration.

1. Do you know of anyone who might be willing to redesign the Lifeline Website and bring it up a few notches? We're looking for a web-designer with a love for Haiti and a creative mind.

2. Do you have a contact at your church or other local community group that might be willing to hear more about the Lifeline ministry and be open to a presentation? Does your church do a missions Sunday? Would you be interested in hearing more about Haiti and the work being done here?
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have a terrific weekend.
A St. Patty's Day Kennedy for you-