Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Before The Work Begins

The wave of energy is still here. Must paint.
Before I do that ...
Troy started a Lifeline Blog that has no sarcasm, sass, or personal stuff on it. Lets just be honest, it is borderline boring. You'll find Mission related, uptight, professionalism. If you're into that sort of thing- check it out here. The video from yesterday (it's guy stuff) would have been better had he taped the part of the day where we heard crazy-loud-yelling-fighting and learned that some of the cement workers were complaining they were hungry and their boss went nuts and told them if they came to complain or eat he would just replace them. I think they need to check with their union boss, they need representation. Once they finished they did eat, the boss just did not appreciate the timing of their lunch request.
Below is the masterpiece I like to call "sometimes you make your own entertainment." The dog is rarely in her house, but we look at it all the time, so we got rid of the dirty white and made it less of an eye sore. It's amazing, I know.

Here are a few of the clean team rooms. I know you wonder how a room that no one stays in can become dirty. If you put boxes of too small clothes from various children or odd donations that you don't know what to do with or any random things you are trying to get out of your line of sight --- all of a sudden empty rooms are not empty anymore, nor are they very clean. These are the rooms where I envision color. I am starting with paint in Paige's room and moving on from there. We'll see how far the wave of energy takes us.

Here is what Britt's back looks like at 7:45am after seeing one patient. She wanted it documented. For what reason? I am unsure. If you did not believe it is hot - maybe she has influenced you. Speaking of sweat, we got a letter from our Grandma Porter. She has 19 grandchildren and our baby will make 47 great grand children. She is concerned that the blog audience now pictures a fat-ankled sweaty old woman --- based on my description of -
1.) Her sweat glands that she passed on and on and on to many of us
2.) Comparing my Cankles to her Cankles

Here is how you should picture my grandmother: Super-sharp, amazingly loving ... incredibly forgiving, saint-like woman... Who easily breaks into a sweat while walking across a room on her swollen ankles. I love you Granny - and if swollen ankles make me more like you, I'm all for it.