Monday, June 18, 2007

Gaining Vision

Sunday's message at church was about losing sight to gain vision ... or attempting to see things the way God sees them and not the way we've been used to seeing them due to our worldly thinking. What is important in the eyes of the world, is not what is important to the Lord. The potential we see is not the potential God sees.

Tuesday some nice people who served in Haiti for a couple of years and are back visiting have offered to take the whole gang to the beach up in Montrois. It sounds like about half of us will go and half will stay back and keep plugging away at the tasks that need doing, either way it is a kind offer and a sweet thing for them to do for us. Ike, Hope, and Noah will be there for sure, they managed to clear their calendars of all responsibility tomorrow. They're pretty psyched about that!
Below are a few random photos from recent days, a few of them qualify as "medical" but nothing too terribly gory.
The girls at lunch after church with Casey Zachary - aka - the A/C delivery system. ;-) He is in town visiting his Dad and sisters. He taught Paige a bunch of slang - punky stuff to say in Creole. Hopefully she won't get beat up while she tries them out. :) She took notes - she was so happy to have some hip new lingo.
Paige and Phoebe at church Sunday ...
Mom/Grandma got here (Tara's Mom) Friday, we have been having fun catching up and she is getting to know Phoebe. She thought Noah and Paige grew the most since November. She is a little sad to be away from Dad when he learned about his mom going to Heaven but they'll be back together soon.
The twins came for a weigh-in today. They are up over 7lbs now and starting to have cheeks. We could not be more pleased with their progress and are so thankful to God for protecting them during those scary first few weeks, when you think about what sort of treatment a 3 or 4 lb baby would get in the USA and what these twins ended up getting, you're even MORE aware of God's Hand and the miracles that happen all the time here. Keep praying for growth and good health for these lovely little ladies.

Jean, the boy with HIV that I told you about last week came for his bath and lotion. It is not a pretty sight. He is so tiny for a kid in his late teens and his skin condition is shocking. Please pray that some of the things we will try will make a difference and result in less pain for him. Pray that his Mom would start caring about him in a nurturing way and that we would do a good job of being kind to her, too. Tonight we asked her to cut his hair so we could work on his head better tomorrow and try to keep him clean more easily. If she won't cut it, we will do that tomorrow before we work on his scalp. He has a few sores, at the wrist joint and in his armpits --- hopefully we can get those to close up quickly. This is EXACTLY one of the situations where I need to lose sight and gain vision ... try to see it all as God sees it and not give up hope or assume I know the end result.
Britt did stitches in another foot. Friday a little 9 year old girl came with a glass cut. Today this adult man came with a glass cut on the foot. Apparently the game of Dominoes he was playing got heated and someone tossed a bottle at him. It is such a highly intense and competitive game of skill... it makes perfect sense. I know we are apt to toss furniture around when we play a heated game of Dominoes here at home. Here is his foot after nine stitches.

Noah and Isaac caught a chicken. It is their new pet. They brought it water in a diet coke can today, that was after they offered the chicken a five gallon bucket of water and Troy suggested that was sort of a lot of water in a large container, for one little chicken. The chicken's name is Milo or Otis, depending on when and whom you ask.

Poor Noah has that rash back that he had last year. He got it in May last year, it started again this year in May. We never solved it or made it much better with a number of treatments, he must be allergic to something that Haiti has growing from May to September.

Licia and Lori report that Jackenson (the boy who is Jean's sister's son) is eating well and doing fine at the rescue center. And, Emmanuel does not have a feeding tube anymore and is up to 5 lbs 8 oz. Thanks for those prayers as well.