Monday, June 04, 2007


In news here- (there does not seem to be tons of it)
  • Britt did stitches in a rock to the head wound last night

  • Britt did stitches in a head injury from a motorbike this morning - she has seen over 50 suture patients now - we're hoping for calm & quiet while she is in Florida this weekend

  • Troy and Noah have gone to Port today to get some supplies

  • We STILL know nothing concrete about baby Emmanuel

  • 86 Pastors came to training on Saturday - Troy wants to write about this when time allows

  • The sutures are coming out of the amputated toe tomorrow

  • There seems to be more Malaria all of a sudden - a few of our employees and their children are currently very sick, we're 98% sure that is what Britt had last week - she finally feels normal again, thanks for praying for her

  • Paige claims to have seen five or six rats in church last night. This is the reason I cannot attend church. ;) Paige thinks it is funny. She also thinks bats and spiders are "no big thing." She may have been switched at birth.

  • Pregnancy is going great - baby moves a lot and I feel really good most days -my fantasy of sitting in an ice-cold-air-conditioned theater with a honkin tub of buttery popcorn and a 68 oz. Dr. Pepper gets me through many-a-hot-day

  • Regarding getting back to MN in 12 weeks - We picked the date and booked flights and rented a van to drive from Florida to MN in late August - a few are staying in Haiti until Sept 26th - we're at four months until delivery day - not.ready.yet. must. breathe. must. be. calm.need.more.time........

That is it from here for now.