Monday, June 11, 2007

The Man Whom We Celebrated ...

2005 Birthday
2006 Birthday2007 Birthday
The main differences I notice from year to year are that his hair gets longer, he appears to be sweatier, and not as well dressed as the previous year ... scary to think where this is headed.
Paige took this photo of Troy looking like a much meaner and more serious man than he actually is. He looks skeptical. I like that look. I won't blubber on and on, I will simply say-- God dropped the largest bucket of grace and love on my head when he brought Troy into my life. The last 10+ years that I have called him my best friend have been so exciting and adventure-packed. He is what they call, "the total package" hes got looks, personality, talent and brains ... plus he is the best Dad I've ever seen in action. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very best friend and love. -Tara

HEY - Question ... Is anyone coming to Haiti in late June or early July that we could ship a smallish item to - we would come to your Haiti location to pick it up. E-mail if you think you might be able to do this.

Cheryl and Kristin Vanderwell and Britt all made it in this morning safe and sound. We had a full day today, topped off with copious amounts of cake and ice-cream and are headed to bed early. Goodnight!