Friday, June 15, 2007

Geeks with A/C

We tested out the mighty a/c for about 15 minutes last night. All of a sudden there were a lot of people in our room. Nights are not that hot really, the days are the worst. It probably won't get used much at night. It was all very exciting though! Our bedroom may be too big for proper cooling, in that case we will have one very cold bathroom available if you want to come visit.
Everybody woke up anxious for Grandma to arrive this afternoon. We have not seen her since she was last here in November, we're thrilled she is coming.
Kristin and Cheryl V. are headed into Port to meet their friends from GLA Orphanage and head to the hills with them. Cheryl wrote a guest blog, I will get it posted soon.
Hurrah for FRIDAY!