Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hurrah for the Weekend

No real news, just photos we took while attempting to entertain ourselves. We're anxious for Britt and two new friends from Michigan to arrive Monday morning. Sunday we are going to church at PAP Fellowship in a brand new (larger) location. It should mean less sweating and less touching of other sweaty people. That is good news all around.

Troy and his little mini-me clone-child.
Troy making omelettes this morning.

22 weeks

Britt, let us know how your test went. We miss you! Happy Anniversary Lisa and Declan, maybe now that it has been three years of wedded bliss you could send out your thank-you cards. Happy Birthday Ali.
Troy will be turning the old, old age of 32 on Monday ... we're cooking up some really exciting stuff for him. Tomorrow we might buy ice-cream after church. Yee-haw.
Happy Weekend from here, hope it's a good one!