Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thur A.M.

The cousin finally showed back up with baby Emmanuel. He is not doing so well. He has lost more weight and is down to 4 - 13 - Paige spoke to the 15 year old cousin using an interpreter just to be sure there was no communication break-down. The cousin really does not seem to get the seriousness of the situation, or she just does not care - it is very hard to tell which it is.

In this culture talking to one another while angry and yelling is not uncommon. Yelling is no big deal. Sometimes in order to be heard we find we need to raise our voice and get a little bit animated. Paige did that. She was straight forward with the cousin and lectured her, for whatever good it will do. Paige flat out asked if she cared if Emmanuel died and if she recognized that he had now lost a whole pound and could easily die. The response was just shrugged shoulders. The cousin was told to return this morning at 9am (in a half hour) and we would let her know if Emmanuel could go to a rescue center to put some weight on for a while. The cousin really does not seem to know how to care for him, lots of instruction was given - but it appears that much more is needed.

We just hope that we could get him to Cazale where the experienced staff there can possibly help turn his situation around --- then once he is more stable we can work with the cousin on how to care for him better. UGH. Paige was ticked, we were frustrated ... we're all just hoping she cares enough to do what is best for him right now. She did not come back the day we asked to take him to a hospital because "there was no one to help her." We're no one sometimes. ;-) Oh well. Onward and upward.

Rusty from the Bercy Orphanage is coming over today, he and Troy are going to go look at the well in Barbancourt and see if they can get it pumping water. Troy is also doing a Love-Bundle run. If baby Emmanuel shows up and we can get him to Cazale that will be an afternoon project for Troy and Paige.

Britt wrote - we tried Spirit Air for the first time. They have cheap deals to Fort Lauderdale. She said they were still working the kinks out and that she was not so impressed with their service. She also said a fight broke out in line waiting to check-in. She was amused because the fight was over stress of missing the flight. The flight left an hour and forty minutes late anyway. It would have been hard to miss it. She observed that she is more patient than Haitian people now. She said she kept her cool while everyone else got upset about the wait. She gets to have two play days with the Bernards then test day is Saturday.