Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why Casey Z. rules and Why Troy is an Exploiter of Pregnant Women

Troy thinks this story will not be told. He thinks I'll protect him because of my pride or embarrassment, or simply to protect him and his conniving ways.

Wrong. And SO wrong.

About four weeks ago Troy started telling me I really needed an air conditioner. He sold it to me over and over. Just a little, inexpensive, stand on the floor, one room air-conditioner.

After all, he reasoned, I am so large and swollen and pregnant and surely it is the least he could do for me in my weakened and compromised state.

In response to multiple conversations I said, and I quote, "I'll be fine Troy, I don't need an air conditioner. I can make it without it. Keep the money."

Troy heard this: "Oh, you are my hero, you'll save me from agony and despair - you charming prince of a man you. Oh how I love you and will repay you often with sweet love and affection at lower temperatures!!!"

Troy heard what he wanted to hear because Troy knew what he wanted. HE wanted an air-conditioner. He saw an opportunity to USE me, and that is exactly what he did.

Not only did he use me, he brought in Casey Zachary as an accomplice. He wrote Casey and asked him to carry in the air-conditioner. Casey, when faced with a box-embargo, could not be deterred from the ultimate goal of helping Troy please his plump wife. Even though Troy totally punked Casey, I am giving Casey glory (lower case g kind of glory) for getting the air conditioner into a bag (we have no idea how - we had to cut the bag off) and getting it down here undamaged. I don't know how Casey will feel when he learns the TRUE story.

He's just a pawn in Troy's game too.

Here is a photo of Troy and I in our bedroom this afternoon. Oh, sure I feel used, and even slightly embarrassed at what wussy missionaries we now are ... but ...

I feel cooler too.

(To the White Bear Lake 'Cult' -- I put in "cold people" in my yahoo image search, I got this kid with a WBL hat on as the first result. More proof of the cult-like nature of your town. Go Bears.)