Friday, June 15, 2007

Guest Blog Alert

Go here for guest blog post.

(Thank you for coming Cheryl & Kristin. Thank you for all of the junk food and for your words of encouragement, you are too kind!)

In other news-
  • Troy and Peter are spending some time in Port today trying to get Peter's license FOR REAL this time.

  • Paige starts the first part of a standardized test today. Blech. One of the babies in the formula program came to see her this morning, he gained three pounds in 20 days. Woot!

  • Britt is working on wrapping up her World Religions Class in time for her TI-84 calculator to arrive with Grandma today and start her final class of the year. Because of calculator problems she got an extension from the college and gets until the end of August to complete the class. She is stitching up a bad foot cut right now, she also has 9 patients lined up this afternoon.

  • Yesterday I met with Jean's mom. Peter interpreted and hopefully we better understand one another now. Or, maybe we don't. I just laid it out there, it was pretty straight-forward. I asked that she do her part and we came up with a plan for me to meet him each afternoon to bathe him if necessary and put lotion on his awful dry skin. I'm hoping to figure out what he needs and see if Lori can help me with the proper meds/vitamins too. The Mom said the reason she did not get him here the last time we tried this was because "she was busy." When I asked her to choose the time to meet each day she said "It does not matter, I don't do anything." So, you know ... I am not sure how she got too busy while doing nothing, but we're starting over and hopefully we'll be able to make some small improvements in Jean's quality of life. Bondye Kapab. (God can.)

  • I am listening to the 'three musketeers' (aptly named by Cheryl) chatting at the counter while playing with Play-Doh. I think Isaac is more Haitian than he knows. He just said, "I nominate myself the new leader forever." He already understands Haitian government!