Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Reasons I did not blog today

  1. I cleaned team room One
  2. I cleaned team room Two
  3. I cleaned team room Three
  4. I cleaned team room Four
  5. I cleaned team room Five
  6. I painted the dog's house - It is a piece of art now - I will show it to you tomorrow so you can agree with me.
  7. I did three loads of laundry
  8. I cleaned the patio of all things that had been stacking up for months
  9. I gave Troy a huge honey-do list that he completed TODAY

Here is what I would have told you had I sat down to blog:

  • Good things are happening. We all feel encouraged.
  • Baby Emmanuel IS still living. We see him tomorrow. (We pray - Si Bon Dieu Vle)
  • I am thinking about painting the team rooms.
  • I thought about painting the dog house for six weeks before I did it.
  • Phoebe crawled a tiny bit today.
  • Britt took a three hour practice test today and is READY for Saturday's ACT re-take.
  • There is a story I need to write about a family in our village. I am going to do it soon.
  • Yogi C. and Declan S. both have Birthdays this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENTLEMEN!

Declan left the largest pair of men's underwear I have ever seen - when he was here in December. For his Birthday he will be getting them back. We cannot find a Haitian man large enough to wear them.