Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Isaac was not happy to be getting up at 5:45am and made his wish for, "no such thing as getting up early" known out loud. We all wish there was no such thing as getting up early.

We returned home this morning without much drama. The AA employee made us shuffle some stuff around in bags but we were able to 'degaje' and it all worked out. We brought home tons of cheese and that makes us all happy. :)

Our friends, the Millenders in Africa, have put forth a challenge - forgetting that my over-active sweat glands and general nastiness is a legendary and well known fact. You guys think I won't post that photo? Puh- lease. ;)

I have so many thoughts and a couple of stories swimming around in my muddled head - but right now I need to unpack, do laundry, and love on baby girls. Lydie looks different after six days. Phoebe seemed kind of ticked off at us. Annie was her happy self.

The Board of Directors from MN Teen Challenge are headed down here on Friday to scout locations and fact find and we've got lots to do to get organized and ready for the week ahead. Paige, Isaac and Hope are excited to get back to school. I think Paige would have gone today if it was worth the drive up there.

We spoke with the NYC honeymooners a few times and heard they were having a great time.
{Duh. ;)} They head back to Waco and school tomorrow. I wish I could see them one more time.

I am oddly more emotional and weepy today than I have been in the past five or six. Troy had to go and bring up Britt's bedroom in our first home together and the pink ballerina teddy bear theme...and her 8 year old face popped into my mind ... and then the tears came.

I will be unpacking and crying for a while, then later on, I might have something worth saying.

Oh. I just realized we need to pick our winner for the five words 2008 thing. Will do that tonight after kids are in bed. :)