Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ike's Memory at work

Happy Birthday to Isaac's Grandma Porter!


Random Quick News:
  • Beth and I got home safely and without trouble.
  • Being back points out how easy it is to sleep in America. I did not miss the 42 mosquito bites in the night. (whine)
  • We're doing dinner with some Minnesotans up at Healing Hands for Haiti tonight.
  • Lots of adoptive parents come in this weekend.
  • Nate and Brenda Yonker get here Sunday.
  • Lydia finally switched to walking about half of the time.
  • Peanut killed a giant rat in the night. (Nasty.)
  • Paige's kids-club will start up again Sunday.
  • Thanks everybody for the Christmas cards you mailed mid December - we are finally laying our hands on them and enjoying reading/seeing your updates.