Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lastly ...

A few of Troy's pics ...Unity sand ... the beach variation on a unity candle...Marcia working her magic with Noah ...
The Ladies Man ...

I pressured Troy to let me use unedited photos. He unwillingly succumbed to my pressure.
After the wedding they had their reception at the Swimming Hall of Fame banquet room. The food was awesome and we danced non-stop for a couple of hours. Isaac loves to dance with five or six girls at a time. He announced on the way home that he loves weddings and that this first wedding he ever went to was his favorite and ... when could Paige get married?
Isaac had so many great questions all weekend. He asked Troy what will happen if Britt and Chris have a baby some day. Troy thought a minute about what sort of answer Isaac was looking for and said, "Well I guess then I will be a grandpa." Isaac's expression changed and he said, "But where will I live??!?!?!" Once you are a grandpa you certainly cannot be a Daddy anymore. ;) According to Ike anyway. Hope just shakes her head at him and gives him the "oh you simple boy" look.
It is very strange having kids in such different phases of life. Troy asked me if it was weird to be giving one away in marriage while one still drinking a bottle waits at home for us.
uh. yeah. weird does not begin to cover it.
We will now stop going on and on (and on) about the bride, the groom, and their amazing day.
We head home early tomorrow morning so we are off to find some fun today.
And now, back to our regular life.