Friday, January 02, 2009

I should be sleeping ... but the hyper-nervous is setting in. I think everyone is mostly ready for a wedding tomorrow. Noah and Isaac and Troy had some major wardrobe issues but we think that tomorrow morning we will go pick up pants that fit. Isaac's pants were a capri-length and Noah's fell off of him.

Paige is ready to be a supportive Maid of Honor. Hope confuses the roles of flower girl and princess - but doubles as both. Ike and Noah are ring bearers ... and Troy is singing. I will be the one laughing and crying and wondering where the last 18 years went. (Do you know?)

We keep reminding poor Noah that "this is not about you -this is about Britt and Chris" - to no avail. All things are about four year olds. They cannot imagine it any other way. Because he cannot apply the "it is not about you" message very well- he got bounced out of the rehearsal and sent to be with Grandma and Grandpa for the night.

We're laughing at the goofy things the kids are saying. Their "normal" is so far removed from this American way of life that we're constantly laughing at their observations. Isaac "L O V E S" parking ramps ... he said, "oh oh oh -- those things those things, I love those things -- what are they called?!?!?"

For some reason Florida being *IN* America is not computing for him. He will see something new or different (from his Haiti life) and say, "ooohhhh, yeah ... they have that in America too."

The flight here was sold out. We did not get seats together. Isaac and Hope sat together but in a row far from my row and far from Troy and Noah's row. At the end of the flight I stood waiting for them at the front of the plane and a sweet older Haitian gentleman asked, "are those your two kids sitting back there?" He told me he thought they were pretty darn cute. When Ike got off I asked him if he had talked to the people in his row. Ike said, "Yeah, I talked to them the whole time. I told about everyone in my family and told him my Mom is white and ... I told him everything really." :) If you have ever met Isaac, you know he probably did.

Have a great weekend.
With love from southern Florida,
all of us