Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Annual Recognition of Our Fave Dokte

Jen grumbles when we do this every January.   Happy Jen Halverson Day!  This year we are celebrating on January 24th.  She is out in Cazale today and won't be able to grumble at us to our faces.

We ignore her relative discomfort in order to thank God each January and remember (because remembering what God did helps us remember He is with us now too) the way that God used Jen to spare Lydia's life in January of 2008.

 THIS post is from the first annual Jen Halverson Day celebration, it has links to the story and details about how God provided in a very dangerous and scary situation.

There is a Haitian proverb that says:

"Yon bon zanmi pi bon pase fre"  - A good friend is better than a brother.

Se vre.

Our slightly amended Haitian proverb says "Yon bon zanmi ki fini med lekòl epi trè entelijan se pi bon pase yon frè".  

If there is a proverb that says "Friends that spent an eternity in med-school are the best kind of friends"  - well, that one applies here as well.

Thank you Jen for your friendship and life-saving skills. More than that, thank you for being willing and available to be used by God to help many, many people in Haiti.

with all our love, gratitude, and admiration,