Saturday, January 07, 2012

Eight Reunited

It was a blast having all the kids in one place.  The little ones are pretty fond of the big ones.  It was such a great way to start our year.  Britt and Chris are safely back in Tejas ready to take on semester number two of grad school.

When asked "What was your favorite thing about the vacation?"

Paige - "Beach and everything except for my homework."

Lydia-  "Being at the restaurant beach and tripping and hurting my knee."  (what tha?)

Phoebe- "The food and the playing in the grass and the hugging."

Isaac - "The paradise and the fun stuff we did."

Hope- "That Brittany and Chris were here."

Noah- "Meeting the neighbors and finding hermit crabs."

When we said goodbye to Jude, our new Haitian friend, he gave a long speech about how he wants us to come back next year and really loved watching our kids/family and getting to know us.  I am ratting Troy out for having tiny little tears in his eyes after that conversation ended. :)  (I am certain Jude loved getting to speak Kreyol. That had to play into our popularity with him.)

The more entertaining things was that Jude said, "I just thought of something. I haven't talked to my brother in more than a year. Can you tell him that I have land I can buy but I haven't yet touched my money.  Can you tell him that?"

Troy said, "Sure.  I can tell him that.  Do you have a phone number for him?"

Jude said, "That's the problem. I don't have a number for him."  Then he told Troy his brother's full name, and that his brother is in Port au Prince.

Troy looked at him blankly.

(Long pause)

Jude went on to say, "That's going to be hard isn't it?"

:)  We'll find out I guess!