Saturday, January 21, 2012

babbling boys

In our household the chatty Cathys are the boys in the family.

Jen has always accused Troy of being one of the chattier guys she has ever known.  It seems that Isaac and Noah are following in his footsteps.

Yesterday Troy picked me up after I was finished at Women's Program and we headed up the hill with Noah, Isaac, and Lydia for a dentist appointment. We took three kids to the dentist yesterday, three will go next week.

In the morning Noah asked Isaac "Why are we supposed to bring our toothbrush and toothpaste to school?"   Isaac replied with authority, "Your job is not to ask those things. Does a baby Kangaroo question why it bounces?" 

None of us knew the answer to that.

On the way to the dentist Beth texted me to say "Baby born in street outside of Harbor House. Jen running backward with baby. Needed a camera!"

I immediately called Beth to hear the full story.  I repeated enough and asked enough questions that when I hung up Isaac said. "Ma, what is a placenta?"

I launched into the full explanation of placenta, uterus, umbilical cord, and the functions of all of three. I explained and explained and explained some more to my captive audience.  After-all, I am not raising cavemen.  These boys will appreciate the miraculous female body for far more than the average fool.  One day they will look at a woman and see more than just lovely curves. They'll see God-given glorious reproductive abilities!

At the end of my long explanation I sat back to wait for their amazement at the creative and BRILLIANT way God created woman. I expected ooohs and aaahs.

Noah said, "Okay.  But what if there is a hotdog in the baby's bellybutton that blocks the placenta? Then how can the baby get food and air?"


Once we got to the dentist our friend Lindsay got to work cleaning teeth.  Isaac wanted to talk and ask Lindsay all about how long she'd been a hygienist and how all the tools work.  I finally had to tell him to hold his questions and open his mouth so she could do her job.