Friday, January 27, 2012

up to speed ...

Things are nutty here.
To review:
  • Yveline delivered a boy at 4:25 am (Thursday) 
  • Thursday was regular prenatal day with lots of heavy situations and prayer needs. See this post.
  • Stephanie delivered a 7lb boy at 4:30 am (this morning, Friday)
  • Alline is here in active labor.  This is her second child. Her water broke last night. She's 4cm right now and doing okay with labor. 
  • First time mom, Beatrice, is in very early labor and arrived here at 6am. She is the lady we tested and found had Malaria at her prenatal visit Thursday/yesterday.

We are a tired out crew here, we have the regular Friday clinic today too. Please be praying for all four moms above as well as the Heartline delivery team.