Thursday, January 26, 2012


Laboring now .... please pray for Stephanie
and tonight's team delivering her (Beth, Jen Tara)

Briefly, sans great detail, some other facts and prayer needs tonight:

  • one of the pregnant ladies today had bruises all over her stomach from being beaten 
  • one of the pregnant women is 16 and sleeps on the ground - we hope/think she will move to the Harbor House at least for a time
  • one of the ladies is carrying twins - they both appear to be boys :)
  • one of the ladies tested positive for Malaria today and is due in two weeks
  • two new women joined the program today - last week Thursday five new ladies joined
On the home front ...
  • there is malaria at our house, three down and being treated now  - fevers and headaches and tears and sore bodies be gone!
 <heavy sigh>

These (and other) situations are a bit weighty right now to say the least.  We always always always  (I mean ALWAYS) appreciate and feel the power of people standing (sitting kneeling) together in prayer over these things. 

Lord, Your justice here and now ... to the least of these.