Monday, January 09, 2012

Kerline & an update

*5:30 PM update - baby girl named Ann (6lbs 15ounces) arrived a while ago. Mom and baby are doing okay but will need to stay for a week of IV meds due to infection risks. Thank you for your prayers.
This morning (Monday) Kerline is in labor. She is a first time Mom (36 yrs old). She is doing well and laboring courageously.  Kerline's mother (a mom of 7 herself - Kerline is her second child) and her sister in law are supporting her this morning.

She (and we) appreciate(s) your prayers today.

We will update the list of the ladies that are due sometime soon.  If you've been following the ladies closely, these ladies all delivered healthy boys in the last week and a half:

Dieumatha - 7lb 10 ounce baby boy on 1/1/12
Lovely- 7lb 2 ounce baby boy on 1/3/12
Djennie- 5lb 8 ounce baby boy on 1/4/12
Samide- 7lb 2 ounce baby boy on 1/4/12
Igemene- 7lb 9 once baby boy on 1/6/12

Infections in mom and baby in the first weeks are more likely in Haiti due to their living conditions and can be incredibly dangerous. Please pray for all five of these new moms and their sons.  Prayers for protection from germs and infection and for family support as they establish breast-feeding are needed.

We are blessed beyond measure to have friends near and far willing to support the women in prayer.


The goal of every branch of Heartline's Womens Programs is to love,  elevate, and respect the women we serve.  The way many women around the world are treated during this life-changing event is heartbreaking.  We are grateful to be able to offer loving, quality care. We're thankful to those of you that help make our program(s) possible.