Friday, June 29, 2012

big kids' summer activities

The veggies ran into my cousin(s) at Coldplay concert

Most days we celebrate the fact that Britt and Paige are in the middle of their own amazing adventures. On occasion we (okay, maybe not WE) thrash around on the floor lamenting how much our hearts miss their faces and the joy they bring. I cannot necessarily predict which days I'll thrash and which days I'll celebrate; the sad days happen without my permission.  In the past few weeks the pity parties I've thrown have been so poorly attended that I've tried to make major cut backs.

Paige is riding and helping train in new ponies.  She is working with kids with horrendously difficult pasts and sad stories. She is trying her hand at surfing. She is enjoying the company of inspiring women. Her messages say things like "this is amazing!" and "best day ever!" -  so we're gathering that California is treating her well.

Britt and Chris have 14 full time jobs and 7 hobbies and apparently know how to juggle better than people named Barnum or Bailey. They keep all those balls in the air and they still find time to look adorable and dress like vegetables in order to gain free tickets to a Coldplay concert.

Troy and I knew it would one day seem like we had two families; the big kids and the little kids ... We just didn't know that being parents of big kids would be so fun and entertaining.

We miss you our sweet big girls.