Thursday, June 28, 2012


On Monday Noah came to the airport with me for a pick-up. 

The airport is good people watching if you can find a nice shady spot from which to observe. I especially enjoy watching the fancy clothing and insanely high heels. It's fun watching the bling of Miami making its way to Port au Prince. 

We stood waiting in the shade and chit chatting. Noah LOVES to talk and he loves one on one undivided attention. We were chatting about pretty inconsequential things when Noah said, "Ma, I keep wondering if God still has plans for me ... Nothing is really happening."

He thinks his 8 years of living haven't been too exciting or focused and he's looking for the path, he's wondering what direction he is heading.

It doesn't surprise me when I feel confused about my own direction or unsure of what path to take. When Troy and I talk about our future it isn't uncommon for us to wonder exactly what Noah wondered on Monday. 

We all want to know what the future will hold and what the point is and what the point will be and we want to understand what God is doing in us. We get so uncomfortable living in the not knowing. It starts young and most of us still feel some level of discomfort with uncertainty well into our adult lives.  

I didn't know exactly how to assure Noah that in this very moment things are happening and that we don't have to know exactly where we're headed as long as we're on the path ... (and that knowing would probably jack us up) I assured him that I am with him in the uncertainty, and that it's okay.

(From Love Does by Bob Goff)

Photo: Britt and Paige 2007 with island of La Gonave  (Haiti) behind them