Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mid Year Statistics and Stories

We're compiling mid-year statistics and finding that the second half of 2012 will bring the majority of our births. Between today and the end of the year we have 43 ladies due to deliver.  Both July and September/October have a lot of ladies due and will be bigger months.

January through today:
Born in January: 8 boys, 4 girls (12)
Born in February: 3 boys, 2 girls (5)
Born in March: 7 girls, twin boys, one loss of a very premature baby boy (10 total)
Born in April: 3 boys, 5 girls (8)
Born in May: 3 boys, 1 girl (4)
Born in June: 1 boy (1)

40 births to date in 2012
of the 40:
1 loss due to preeclampsia at week 25
6 transports during labor

Longest time period without a birth - 21 days (we have been waiting for the next birth since June 1st)
Most births in one 24 hour period - 3 babies were born on January 27th

Graduation Day for Revia

A few weeks ago we were preparing to graduate a couple of ladies.  I was hurriedly pulling files of ladies that gave birth last December. Once the babies are six months we present the mother with a certificate and a gift. We pray with them and thank them for their participation and they graduate and complete our program.  For most women they have been in our programs since early pregnancy, meaning they've been coming weekly for over a year.

On that day I called the names of the ladies graduating.  The others came to the front. Revia, the woman pictured above, stood in her spot. She was crying a little bit.  She told Wini that she was not supposed to graduate for two more weeks. Her baby had been born in late December, therefore she should not graduate until late June.  I apologized and teased her about forgiving me and claimed it was a tet chaje mistake (tired/loaded head). We waited until the two weeks passed before attempting to graduate Revia and her daughter again this week.  After class on Tuesday Revia sought us all out in different areas of the building to hug us and say goodbye. We asked her to please come to Friday Bible Study and visit us whenever she wants.  It is always surprising which ladies end up loving the program. Revia has a fairly serious and quiet personality; we wouldn't have ever guessed she enjoyed coming so much. We were touched by her gratitude and love of the program and thankful for the ways God showed up to use Heartline to help her feel His love and care.

Vitana has been named "Pwofese Marasa" - Professor of Twins!

We told her Tuesday that she'll need to encourage Dani, the newest mama that is carrying twins.   The boys are round, healthy, breastfed, chubby-cheek-machines.
Vitana is proud.  She should be!

We love the unique opportunities we have to get to know these ladies during one of the most important and challenging times of their lives.  We're blessed to interact with them and encourage them wherever and whenever possible.

The role that those of you that PRAY and GIVE play is equally, and possibly even *more* important.  THANK-YOU for standing with us to love and serve these inspiring women and their babies.
Please continue to PRAY and GIVE.


Saintly Nurse said...

Wow! Thanks for the Vitana update! Those are some beautiful chubby boys....I agree, she has so much to be proud of!

Wonderful stats. Thanks so much for sharing them. You guys are awesome. :-)

Molly said...

I LOVE THIS! And those hunks of LOVE! Way cool!

John Meadth said...

This just lays out so clearly the great work being done at HL - fantastic!

Kelly said...

Those babies are ADORABLE!!! So glad to read what a great year it has been and will continue to be. Your work is truly inspiring!

T & T Livesay said...

I did not put first trimester miscarriage numbers in here. There were 4 of those too. The ladies drop out at that point.

Laurie said...

You should ALL be proud of those chunky monkeys! :o)

T said...

LOVE this! PTL! It gives me so much joy to read about how God's love is moving through you all!

Saintly Nurse said...

My heart goes out to those ladies who miscarried. I know we have talked about death and pregnancy loss in Haiti, and everybody knows somebody, so it is not some foreign thing to these ladies. But I can't help but feel so deeply for anyone who loses a baby, whatever the circumstances. Thanks for the reminder. 1

The Beaver Bunch said...

Beautiful. All of it. But especially those fat, chubby twins.