Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paige's photos of the day

Paige and Troy are the two talented photographers at our house. Whenever a photo is beautiful you can assume one of them took it.  The more average photos are mine. Paige is doing a "photo a day" project for 30 days. We'll share them here every so often.

We're all kinda moping as we think about Paige leaving in just over a week.  She is staying another week in order to take the SAT, attend her boyfriend's high-school graduation, and go to prom. We're so stinking excited for the adventures she'll have this summer but we're selfishly going to miss the fun she brings into our lives.  Isaac just wrote a little bit about what he'll miss most about her and it included the "parties" she throws.  As a much older big sister (7 years between Paige and Isaac/Hope) she does a lot to love on her younger siblings. Our June and July without her will be dance-party-less I'm afraid.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

These three ladies are the California gals that will get to party with Paige soon.  "The Sarahs" are hosting Paige at their house.  Kim is teaching Paige the ropes of therapeutic riding and allowing her this amazing summer learning adventure.  This whole thing is a huge gift to Paige and a direct result of friendships built in Haiti. We're uber thankful and aware that God's love is abundantly evident to us through these relationships.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

Rosena had a very tall 8pound 8 ounce baby boy at 3pm Friday.  Most Haitian women have very short second stages and babies come flying out after a few pushes.  Rosena had to work a lot harder and pushed for a little more than an hour to get that giant boy delivered.  After the birth Rosena lost a lot of blood and her son had a fever.  They're being monitored at the postpartum "wing" now; we're praying for quick healing and no further complications for either of them.  To check out the ladies due in June and July and choose one or two to pray for, please see this post.


Corey said...

I am also early grieving... Jess is taking her SATs as we speak, and she finishes drivers' ed this week. Thankfully she is talking about college only an hour from us, but the fact that she won't be here every day makes my heart ache. She's my first leaving the nest.. but it sounds like it doesn't get any easier with subsequent kids. My sympathies, my friend.

PS. I have been admiring Paige's photos on fb.. so amazing. What a gift.

saved mama said...

Love that first pic...I call it "Welcome to Haiti. Shirts optional" (better save that one for wedding slide shows!)

(PS. On Ask Isaac, I forgot to give my real name, which is Jana...friend of Courtney G (cyber friend) and Laura H-real life friend) Just didn't want you to think I was a random blog stalker, based on my comment about marital plans for Isaac. :)

terri said...

Wow. Paige is so talented. And so fun. I can't imagine how her absence will be felt in your home. Take care all of you. She'll be back before you know it.