Monday, June 11, 2012

happy birthday troy

Troy and Paige 1998

Troy and Isaac 2002
Troy, Phoebe, Lydia 2008
Troy & Noah June 2012

When I married this wonderful baby-faced guy, three years my junior, I just figured that within ten to fifteen years people would start asking me if I was his mom or his much older sister.  I steeled myself for that day, knowing it would likely come.  I expected questions like, "How's the old lady?" to become commonplace for Troy.  ;-)

The first year or two after we were married were pretty calm; Troy gained zero wrinkles in his baby face. By year five the two kids we started out with became five kids. Troy still gained zero wrinkles in his baby face. A few years later we moved to a new country and two more kids came along. For a couple of years some really challenging stuff went down; including but not limited to a massive earthquake. All of a sudden we looked at the baby-face and saw that it showed signs of aging maturing. Troy earned a few creases; worked very hard for a few of those lines. 

I know that my mushy posts make people roll their eyes out of their ever-livin heads and I don't want that for any of you so I'll just keep it brief and limited to semi-sappy.

Happy 37th Birthday honey ...
No matter what is happening in our lives, whether we are skipping through high points or dragging our feet through terribly heavy and difficult days, the assurance of your deep desire to follow Christ and the evidence of your love, care, and concern for all of us makes every day seem full of joy and promise. I am so very thankful to be experiencing all of the wrinkle-making events by your side. I cannot believe how incredibly blessed I am to get to be your wife. Happy birthday to you my love and very best friend.

In the words of Josh Garrels,  "It's a million miles from, where we began, and I, I still love you."