Friday, June 15, 2012

Bulletpoints for Friday

  • Jeronie is in early, somewhat unproductive, labor.
  • Nadege is ill, not in labor but needing prayers.
  • The Heartline Sewing School is graduating this year's class today. This is a major event with choreographed dancing, a lot of singing, and fanfare. Troy is playing guitar and singing with the ladies. He said the practice was one of the most entertaining events of 2012. Two of the Harbor House women went through the sewing program and will graduate today.
  • Paige is sending happy reports from CA about her first few days there.
  • The turtle named Crush has survived a fabulous week under the direction and care of Isaac and Noah Livesay.



When a Mother Bleeds to Death, a Nation Bleeds

Why You Matter So Much

Cross-posting Ask Isaac -
Hi, Isaac! You're doing a great job on your blog. I've really enjoyed reading it. I have a question for you: Your parents talk a lot about your sister Paige and how awesome she is as a daughter. Would you please describe what it is that makes her an awesome sister? (Maybe your siblings would like to weigh in on this with you.) I'm sure you're all missing Paige very much, now that she has gone to California for the summer. Thanks (in advance) for answering! ~Angia
(Translation: The reason Paige is an awesome sister is because she is very energetic and kind. She loves to play with her younger siblings. Brittany is a pretty awesome sister too but we haven't lived with her for almost about 5 years. Paige is very exuberant and loves to throw parties not only with friends but with us. Most older sisters would be like "go play somewhere else" or they would just always be talking to their boyfriend. Not Paige. No Way!)