Sunday, August 17, 2008

Making the Jump

We are excited to share our new plans with you. We have enjoyed and been stretched by our first two and a half years in Haiti.  The time has come and we are ready to move into the city, something we said we'd never do.

September 1, 2008 we will officially join another ministry. We're excited, scared, sad and happy all at once. We're learning that faith does not grow in the house of certainty; and our faith is growing.

We've been incredibly blessed by the support of our readers and we're anxious to share this news with you. It is clear to us that our time in LaDigue (with Lifeline) was a perfect way to learn culture and language for a time, and for many clear reasons it is now time to move on to new opportunities.

Our desire is to use the experience we've gained by focusing our time, energy and resources on doing things that will impact individual lives (building relationships) in God's kingdom and the country. We have come to believe that we are most effective in working with our Haitian neighbors and friends when we have respectfully and lovingly gotten to know them and have asked them what they need. Additionally we have a burden to bring missionaries together in a more cooperative effort - for greater impact.  We believe that some are called to operate large ministries, some are called to small, some are focused on sustainability while others respond to immediate needs - but ALL can make a greater difference when working in cooperation. 

We're amazed by the work of so many here. We hope to find ways to encourage them. We all work better in community. (And yes, the word community is overused. But give us a pass.)

In our new role, we will begin partnering with Heartline Ministries. Heartline Ministries has multiple programs. They offer a Women’s Program that works to help empower women by giving them life skills and training. This program is nothing short of amazing and is growing at a very fast rate. We're anxious to help them and support their work in any way we can. 

Tara will work with the pre-natal and maternity program and early childhood development progams in an administrative and support role. She will likely begin training to become a certified midwife.

Troy will be working in a variety of roles, working along side John McHoul.  Troy has been given the title of co-Director of the left half of Hispaniola. (No. Not really. He specifically asked for no title.) We’re thankful for the opportunity to join solid and proven missionaries like John and Beth McHoul.

We're glad you're making the jump with us! If you wish to financially support us -
Include a note that says "Livesay Family" with the check.  

Heartline is a non-profit, registered 501C3 and will provide receipts for tax purposes.

Heartline Ministries
P.O. Box 898
Sunnyside, WA 98944

Donations can be made by: credit card, bank transfer or mail.The email address above is to the accounting guru at  Heartline.