Monday, August 11, 2008

Nou gen yon kay! (We have a house!)

Those are the faces of girls who have a home. :) Well, one of the faces had a home but wanted her family to have a home. We rented the house shown in a photo in this post. We feel relieved to have the decision done and hopeful that we made the best choice given all the mind-numbing variables. We brought the three oldest girls to see it yesterday and even dropped off a load of stuff.

Right now the owner is redoing some of the windows because the house did not have screens. We are all too familiar with Malaria and Dengue and we assured him that screens were kind of a "must have" item for us. The way the windows were set did not allow for screens so they are fixing that this week. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a nice sized kitchen. I love having a nice kitchen to make my kids their gourmet meals (read: cereal and popcorn) for dinner.

We're trying to get the Internet provider heading that direction in hopes of having Internet soon after we move in ... these things take time ... TIH. Today we'll try to make decisions about appliances. Can a family of 9 live without a washing machine? I say no. Not even for a week. :) Most everyone in this entire land could prove me wrong though.

After showing the girls the house we grabbed dinner in Port together. Troy met up with a friend from high school who happened to be in Haiti this week for business. He works for a company that does micro-loans. It was very interesting to hear about his life and catch up.Thirteen people from our home church arrive on Wednesday. Our Pastor is leading the team down here. We are so excited to see them and know that we can be as raw and as real as we want and still be loved ... there is no pressure to be anything that we're not or fake anything at all. It is good that they are coming during this odd transition time. We have plans to take them up the mountain for an overnight and all sorts of other exciting projects and things. They sent down this amazing mobile projector with a traveling generator that we can take into the mountains. Britt will use the opportunity of having them here to be baptized - it should be a really great week.

So ... in the next 11 days: A team coming, packing, going to school for the first time in Haiti for 3 kids, a kid leaving us and returning to college, a physical move to a new house and new work...

Hang on; it is about to get crazy.