Monday, August 04, 2008

Wrap up the day ...

Britt, Chris and Paige took Noah, Hope and Isaac to the beach today. They are all very tired after a day in the sun and sand. (Can you tell Isaac is a former model - nice pose!)

Isaac is about to lose his front teeth. The drama level is high as we discuss all the ways in which we COULD remove them. So far, he has not allowed anyone to really yank. There are plenty of us willing to help him out.

Troy and I used the opportunity of the less chaotic household (what world must you live in when three baby girls under two means an easy day?) to catch up on a ton of terribly BO- RING administrative things.

Then we packed more boxes late in the afternoon and filled out school paperwork for the three school-bound kiddos. We also began to focus on the next team (our last one with Lifeline) and make plans for that.

The medical clinic had a sad case today. A little guy that appears to be Autistic. This is not a good place for those sorts of challenges ... lets just say that the "programs" for such things - don't exist - the options are nil. Sometime I need to get Paige to share/blog her big idea for future ministry with you all ... it knocked my socks off when she told me.

Now the rain is here ... and the Internet will drop ... so publishing this while I can.