Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day '08-'09 School Year

The campus of QCS - beautiful green in the middle of a concrete city. :)

The ride home ... Exhaustion sets in.
Paige, Isaac and Hope all had a successful first day. Back up-and-at it by 5:30 tomorrow morning. I spent the day with them in Port -- Troy worked with the team on some projects then everyone headed to the beach.

Tomorrow after our team is dropped and on their way North, we'll sign our lease - hand over a giant payment and start moving in! We're excited and nervous and a little bit exhausted. It should be an interesting few days.

Marcy A - Thank you for getting Hope's uniforms down here -- they work perfectly!!! You are now assigned personal shopper for our family from this day forward. Good work!

Thank you to all who are praying for Steve and Linda K. and family - as soon as I know more about the medical details I will let you know. He is an excavator and had a heart attack on his machine - then a 2 X 4 hit him in the head - the concerns are many medically speaking. He is currently in a coma. Their kids range in age from 23 to 13 --- thank you for covering all of them in prayer.