Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Plans

On every team there is that one guy ... that one person who insists on riling up the children and bringing the chaos to a new level. We talk about "that guy" after ever group ... it never fails, there is always one. Everyone in MN reading right now knows exactly who I am speaking of -- there is one "fun guy" on this team. Scott Farkas has the role more than covered. The boys are totally thrilled; I might hurt Scott before the weekend is out. :)

This morning we're headed to the prayer rock for a bit. Then the group will split up and some will work with the Pastors and some will work with kids. I have to run to Port to try to find a lost bag ... an excuse to ride in air-conditioning, I am so bummed I have to do this. ;)

This afternoon the group will visit Licia and Lori in Cazale and work on various projects around the mission. Tonight we are going to bring a bunch of film equipment out to the dam and show a movie in the village ... Or, some of us might go to the B-Attitude dance party we were invited to earlier this week. I laughed when the flyer was handed to me and Tipap said, "You see this - Paste Blaze?" (Pointing to the place where it says the party is hosted by Pastor Blaze.) I said, "Yeah?" He said, in English, "This not real Pastor - this fake Pastor." (Thank goodness he clarified.)

We joked about bringing the team in to the Friday night party in Port - but we'll probably stick with the movie in the village plan. Paste Blaze will have to make his $30 on a different short-term mission team. Have a wonderful Friday ... give thanks for air-conditioning. :)