Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Hot to Blog

Dear New Joy Support Team - especially Dorothy B. and Bev V. ... you people are the good kind of CRAZY!!!!

Thank you so much for packing all of our house stuff and helping the team get it down here -- I did not expect it all to make it, but you went above and beyond. Thank you for the diapers, treats, more treats and various man-things that Troy is thankful for, while I remain indifferent but happy for him ... and for the office supplies and multiple other items. I do however have a question for the person who packed that little number from Victoria's Secret ... did you not read the post about heat - you know, too hot to touch kind of heat???? I laughed when I saw it ... and said, hum ... Bev? Dorothy? Write me and fess up.

I cannot speak for the group as a whole -- but we're tired. It is crazy hot and crazy humid and we've had a full day. I think we're headed to bed soon.