Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nou La

Today Peter, Troy and I (along with three little people) headed to town hoping to accomplish many things ... We railed at injustice, got mad at annoying people and things, vented as we drove and got things done - and then did not make a deal on any house. TIH.

Two weeks from today we move. We move somewhere that the Lord - in His divinely unexplainable and twisted sense of humor - has not yet revealed to us ... good times, good times.

We picked up our truck yesterday. The kids love the Hyundai Terracan so much, (a/c in the car is the most heavenly treat) they are not against just living in the truck. They may get their wish. ;)

We know content is currently quite light on this here blog. None of us know how to juggle, but there are multiple balls in the air - despite the lack of juggling talent. We openly admit we are not able to process all that is going on and get it to this medium right now ... we'll bank the info and share it when brain cells, patience, prudence, and energy levels allow.

Peace out-
t & t