Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav, Moving and other Joys

I made my way to the Heartline office to use Internet for a minute.

Just a quick note to let you know we're doing fine. There has been rain for about 36+ hours straight, but no wind in Port au Prince. The roads are a disaster, school was canceled for two days and we're just kind of in awe of the mess it is making -- but we're safe. We have had no access to internet/news so we don't know what you've been hearing. We're more than a little removed from all world news. Tara's Dad's flight out of here was cancelled two days in a row so the airport should be interesting come Thursday!

All of our property and children are finally moved to the new house. There is A LOT to do still but we're hanging in there. We totally overestimated what can happen in one day in this country, I guess we are slow learners. :( Eventually it will come together.

EDH (electricity not created by a generator - but offered by the city) has been on a ton in the last day, which is great! We had piles of laundry to catch up on from the move.

The Internet guy probably won't come until storm waters recede and driving is easier. Lack of infrastructure makes even rain turn a city into a gigantic mess. We're blessed to have a solid place to get out of the rain. We're thinking of the millions who don't.

The mosquitoes in Port are about 100 times worse - poor Lydia seems to be the favorite victim. She is covered head to toe. :( With all the new standing water we may only be seeing the best case scenario so far ... blech.

One Isaac story before I go back home ... The other day we were driving. I was crabby (hot tired and just sick of moving) and as usual there were multiple buses screaming past us on our side of the road making it dangerous for all drivers. I had to get off the road onto the shoulder and I was so ticked off I said to myself under my breath "I hate this country". (I don't at all - but I DO hate the driving rules/lack thereof.)

Isaac overheard my angry comment and in his ever-so-cheery and wise way - said, "Well Mom, *this* is where God has us!" (Read: DEAL WITH IT MOTHER!)

We hope we'll be back soon. Contest for Ipod will end Saturday. Drawing on Sunday for the winner.