Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts as we go ...

A week ago today we met the family above. We had been walking through the village of PetitBwa praying for people who wanted prayer. Each time we would walk into their yard and they would tell us what specific things they wanted us to pray about. In Haiti everyone prays at once out loud. It is actually kind of a cool thing. We had gone to a handful of houses and I was taking it all in as we went. When we got to this house I could not stop the tears.

I am always amazed at what brings tears (because plenty of things could - but don't). As Madame Pierre shared her requests I was totally humbled by her smile, her demeanor, her joy. When she shared that she had six kids ... Then laughed and said, "Ooops, I mean SEVEN" ... I instantly felt connected to her. (Keeping it straight is not easy at times.) Her oldest boy travels on foot 90 minutes one way to school and she wanted prayer for his safety. She also prayed that her husband would come back into a role as a father and husband and come back to his faith because he has recently pulled away. (You see him seated behind them in the photo.) She then prayed for the health of her children and for a growing faith and closer relationship with the Lord.

The tears would not stop as I thought about the tiny mud floor house she lived in with her kids. She did not pray for a nicer place to live, an escape from poverty, or anything material. I felt very small in that moment. After we prayed the rest of the group went on to the next house and I stayed to speak with Madame Pierre. We compared the ages of our kids and laughed about how easy it is to forget how many there are when they come so fast. I have thought of her so many times this week. I am grateful to have met her and to have learned what is truly important from her.Troy and Rony have built a solid relationship in the past years. When Pastor Rony comes to mind we'll be praying for his strength, discernment and wisdom. He has a heart of gold and many people come to him for help. We're so glad to be just an hour away so we can remain in contact with him and many others in LaDigue.
There was also another man named Pierre that we met. His mother is overwhelmed with caring for him, he is mourning the loss of his leg. In July he was in an auto accident that resulted in the amputation of his left leg. Troy and I both hope to be able to get him to Healing Hands very soon to find out if there might be a way to have him fitted for a prosthetic leg. As soon as we are settled into our new place, Pierre is on the top of our priority list - we pray that there might be a way to lessen his suffering and the burden for his mother.
In a few minutes we will pack up the computer and try to get the last load of stuff into the trucks and moved into town. I think we'll all cry when we leave here today. Paige has been down all weekend, change is hard.

The first week of school went as well as it could with the limited sleep we all operated on ... But Paige had a great third and fourth day and says she likes it there. The first two days were rough, Junior High is often a time for learning to deal with mean people. That seems not to have changed since Troy and I were 8th graders. :( It will be an adjustment time for all of us for a time.

We won't have Internet until mid to late week at the new location. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, thoughts and kindness. You're an encouragement to us - You truly are!